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Public Housing

Dixie Manor Apartments

Dixie Manor Apartments is the Boca Raton Housing Authority’s public housing complex. There are 95 apartments here … 9 one-bedroom apartments, 44 two-bedroom apartments, 39 three-bedroom apartments, and 3 four-bedroom apartments.

The property is governed by the Department of HUD’s rules and regulations. We adhere to a very strict policy which denies admission to families if the Housing Authority establishes reasonable cause that a potential household member has a pattern of use of illegal drugs or has engaged in certain criminal activity. We will run background and credit checks on all potential family members over the age of 18.

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We want to keep Dixie Manor a safe and healthy environment for our families and their children. We hope that all our new families will feel the same way when they join us.

Lois Martin Community Center

The Boca Raton Housing Authority’s Lois Martin CommLois Martin.JPGunity Center, located in the midst of Dixie Manor, was dedicated in 1985. The Center has been an integral part of the Dixie Manor and Pearl City neighborhood ever since. It houses the Pearl City C.A.T.S. Program and the Boca Raton Housing Authority management office during the day and is open in the evening for various supervised activities. For the last 10 years the City of Boca Raton has contributed funds which have enabled us to keep the Center open at night. Evening activities primarily revolve around tutoring adults and children who want to learn or upgrade their computer skills in our computer lab. In addition, The United Way sponsors the VITA program every year at the Center. This serves about 400 families a year preparing their income tax returns at no cost. The Center also hosts families’ personal events when scheduling permits at no cost.

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